The 35th Anniversary Kick-Off Meeting and 2023 All Staff Meeting of Hongrita successfully concluded


The 35th Anniversary Kick-Off Meeting and 2023 All Staff Meeting of Hongrita successfully concluded

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35th Anniversary Kick-off Meeting and 2023 all staff meeting ended successfully

In order to show the glorious history and development achievements since the establishment of Hongda, to thank every colleague's contribution, and to point out the direction of future development, in order to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the founding of the company as an opportunity, Hongda Group held the 35th Anniversary Launching Ceremony and 2023 First Half of the General Meeting of All Employees themed activities in Shenzhen and Zhongshan bases on 30th May and 1st June, respectively. CEO Cai Sheng attended the meeting with executives and all colleagues from Shenzhen and Zhongshan.

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Shenzhen Base Site

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Zhongshan Base

Cai Sheng thanked all colleagues for their dedication and efforts, that over the past 35 years we adhere to the teamwork, up and down, deep ploughing into the moulding and plastic industry, solidly do a good job of technology, strive for excellence, professional products and customer experience, through continuous innovation and technology applications, and customers to add value is the company's experience of continuous development. Looking ahead, in addition to adhering to the core values and following the good tradition and business model of Hongda, we should consider how to give full play to our strengths in selected advantageous industries or potential areas, with a more far-reaching positioning and a new business model, to push our business to a higher development platform.

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The successful organisation of this event not only enabled all staff to have a deeper and more comprehensive understanding and cognition of the Group's core values and development strategies, but also greatly enhanced their sense of belonging and sense of mission, and laid a solid foundation for the Group's future sustainable development, injecting more confidence and impetus into the Group's future steady development and continuous growth.

Post time: Dec-13-2023

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