Medtec China 2023


Medtec China 2023


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The International Medical Device Design and Manufacturing Technology Exhibition - China (Medtec China 2023) will be held in Suzhou!
Medtec China can connect with over 2200 medical device research and production suppliers worldwide without leaving the country. Here, we can obtain internationally advanced materials/products/technologies/services and applications in the field of medical design and manufacturing, master product quality management systems and technologies, and obtain cutting-edge market trends.
Hongrita will participate in this show from 1st June to 3rd June and show the latest products and technologies to you.
Exhibitor: Hongrita Mold Ltd.
Booth No.:D1-X201
Date:1st-3rd June 2023
Address:Hall B1-E1, Suzhou International Expo Center


Floor Plan – our location

Suzhou International Expo Center

No. 688 Suzhou Avenue East, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China


Products Introduction

1.Antistatic Mist receiver

With our profound technology know-how on liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding, 2-component silicone molding, in-mold assembly and automated production, we are confident to deliver high quality and high precision products for our customers in the Medical Device industry.


2. Medical Device-Diagnostic Parts

The plastic product manufacturing of the medical device tester is made of high-quality plastic raw material, which is durable, strong, waterproof and dustproof, and can effectively protect the internal parts of the test instrument. The manufacturing process of this product adopts high-precision injection molding technology to ensure the dimensional accuracy and surface finish of the product while meeting the relevant standards and requirements of the medical industry.

3. 64 Cavity 0.5ml Medical Syringe Mold

The design and manufacture of medical molds need to strictly comply with the quality requirements of medical device production to ensure the safety and stability of syringes. Hongrita has professional and rich technical ability of mold manufacturing, which can provide better quality and usage effect for medical grade molds.


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