Fakuma Germany 2023


Fakuma Germany 2023


Fakuma 2023, the world's leading trade fair for plastic processing technology, opened in Friedrichshafen on October 18, 2023. The three-day event attracted more than 2,400 exhibitors from 35 countries, showcasing the latest technologies and products in the field of plastic processing. With the theme of "digital transformation and decarbonization", Fakuma 2023 highlighted the importance of sustainable and digitalized production processes in the plastics industry. Visitors had the opportunity to see the latest machines, systems and solutions for injection molding, extrusion, 3D printing and other key processes in the plastics industry. The show also included conference sessions and panel discussions on key industry topics, providing a platform for knowledge exchange and networking between industry professionals.
Hongrita has been attending this show one after another since 2014 and has reaped many opportunities and seen the innovation and development of the industry's technological capabilities in 2023.

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With 1636 exhibitors (10% more than at the last Fakuma in 2021) in twelve exhibition halls and several foyer areas, the trade fair was booked out as a plastics celebration that sparked off a great barrage of fireworks. A full house, satisfied exhibitors, 39,343 enthusiastic expert visitors and forward-looking topics – the overall results are quite impressive.


44% of the exhibitors journeyed to Friedrichshafen from outside of Germany: 134 companies from Italy, 120 from China, 79 from Switzerland, 70 from Austria, 58 from Turkey and 55 from France.


During this exhibition we had interesting conversations with visitors from all over the world and were very impressed. At the same time, we received interest from 29 companies, including well-known companies, which was a very meaningful journey for us. We are looking forward to the next exhibition.

Post time: Oct-05-2023

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