Engineering & Development

Design-for-Manufacturing (DFM)

We provide common design check service at the time of Request-for-Quote (RFQ). We offer engineering advice for material selection and product design in the areas of fitness-for-purpose, tooling feasibility and producibility. This helps to minimize anticipated road blocks in the manufacturing process.

CAD /CAM Product & Mold Drawing

We accept customers’ 2D/3D CAD drawings from Unigraphics, SolidWorks, ProE and AutoCAD, or in the format of Parasolid X_T or STP, and produce part, product and mold drawings in Unigraphics NX, and share with customers in the format of Parasolid X_T or STP and DWG.

Mold Flow Analysis

We are equipped with the Moldflow and the Moldex3D tools for mold flow analysis to further eliminate potential issues prior to finalizing part and mold drawings.

Dedicated Resources

We have set up respective business units for the medical & health care industry, the automotive industry and the packaging industry with the aim to provide quality services and advices for customers in these fields.

Data Privacy

We value business partnership with our customers and protect the information and data they provide to us as important as our own. We have tight work practices and procedures to ensure these information and data are properly handled.

In-House Precision Tooling
& Molding Technologies

We build multi-component, liquid silicone rubber (LSR), stack molds, thin / thick wall molds, high cavitation high performance high precision molds and metal insert molds. They all comply with international standards. We have the capability to build in-house multi-component rotary platen systems, LSR cold runner systems, and quick prototype molds for engineering evaluation. In addition, we offer world-class 1-stage injection stretch-blow mold (ISBM) tooling solution.

Multi-Component Molding

Multi-component molding is an efficient and cost effective technology for molding custom plastic parts with two or three plastic resins or colors in a single operation, and at faster cycle time and flash free. Hongrita has mastered this technology for years and has the capability to build the multi-component rotary platen system in-house.

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Molding

LSR molding can be used to create very complex LSR parts with much finer details and tighter tolerance. Hongrita can even master high cavitation LSR & 2-Component LSR/LSR or LSR/Thermoplastics tooling technologies, benefiting industries demanding high quality silicone parts and high efficiency silicone molding such as medical and automotive industries. Its LSR molds with a valve cold runner system were developed in-house.

Injection Stretch-Blow Molding (ISBM)

Enabled by close partnership with our ISBM tooling provider, Hongrita is capable of providing world-class 1-stage ISBM tooling and molding solutions for specialty containers and vessels such as baby bottles & cups, medicine bottles, water bottles and cosmetic in PP, PCTG, PET, PPSU & PES. This 1-stage high automation approach has significant impact on production cost reduction and is largely applied in high-end container products in term of appearance and physical properties.

In-Mold Assembly

In-Mold assembly is a technology extended from Hongrita’s expertise in multi-component molding. As the assembly takes place inside the mold with occasional robot assistance, it minimizes the risk of human interference, resulting in semi-assembles or finished devices with high quality consistency. It can be widely applied in medical, healthcare and packaging industries.

High Performance Mold

Hongrita has the capability to produce high performance mold including, but not limited to, thin/thick wall molds, high cavitation unscrewing molds, and complex stack molds. They are highly sought after by the Packaging and the Automotive industries.

Insert Molding

Hongrita is very experienced in applying this technology to over-mold thermoplastic onto metal core. The components we produced are largely used in the automotive and industrial products.

In-House Automated Production Systems

Robot Assist Production System

In Hongrita, it is common to see lean practices and automation in everything we do to minimize cost, assure product quality and increase production safety. In its production facility, robot assistance could be found almost everywhere, particularly in the complex de-molding process for LSR and thermoplastic elastomer parts and the immediate transfer of injection molded plastic parts to printing system.

Automated Module Assembly System

Hongrita has long history to develop its automated module assembly system in-house, particularly for making household and healthcare products requiring complex sub-assembly.

In-Mold Assembly

As the assembly takes place with high automation inside the mold, it reduces production cost, minimizes the risk of human interference, resulting in semi-assembles or finished devices with high quality consistency. It can be widely applied in medical, healthcare and packaging industries.